Hello to all Arianne fans! We have decided to show our appreciation for the wonderful Arianne Martell, by dedicating the week 9th-15th august to her (in spite of what appears to be the appalling decision to her erase her from Game of Thrones). We are looking for gifs, graphics, edits, fanart, fanmixes, videos, metas, etc. We encourage and accept all types of content dedicated to and inspired by her, to show just how much love there is for Arianne out there.

We have created a schedule to help to inspire all her fans:

  • day 1) favorite fancast
  • day 2) favorite quote 
  • day 3) favorite trait (physical appearance or personality)
  • day 4) favorite relationship
  • day 5) favorite color
  • day 6) favorite moment
  • day 7) whatever you want

Every creation tagged as #arianneweek will be reblogged on this blog! We’ll be reblogging posts after the schedule as well, to help to spread our love for Arianne Martell!

PS: If you enjoy her as much as we do, please, help to spread this to all her fans by reblogging this post!

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5 human rights tragedies you can help stop right now

Online activism has drawn criticism for making a lot of noise without the ability to create real change. But charges of slacktivism aren’t always fair: A robust online conversation can educate and inspire change. 

So how do we actually impact the situations that garner our outrage online? Your best bet is to donate to a cause, but with so many campaigns out there, it is sometimes to difficult to work out which one will actually make a change on the ground. 

What you can do about these instantly | Follow micdotcom

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Make me choose - aryanne-targaryen asked: House Martell or House Targaryen?

Expectation vs. Reality (x)

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OBERYN MARTELL MEME;  nine quotes [2/9]

"The fifth is difficult. I named her after my sister."


Jonah Hill + Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Natalie Dormer on Women and Body Image in Hollywood during SDCC 2014 (x)


I was a foolish willful girl, playing at the game of thrones like a drunkard rolling dice.